from feedback form 4/24/2012
I work in the area and always get requests to pick up their marzepan...which I don't mind picking up because I get to grab myself some delicious shortbread or any of the other great pastries. I like supporting a small business and the owners are always so friendly.
-James R.

from feedback form 2/29/2012
My fiance and I love this place. Our friends and family always ask us to bring a box of their various tiny desserts. When we show up with those ribbon wrapped boxes, dessert becomes the 1st course! The owners have always been so accomodating and helpful. We will always come back.
-Suzie Q.

from feedback form 2/24/2012
There is nothing like Silva's. Their combination of uncompromising insistence on the highest quality ingredients, complete professionalism in preparation, and really reasonable prices is unique. I worked in Paris some years ago, and I can testify from experience that Silva's products are as good as and in many cases better than anything I recall from that time -- and the friendly and helpful customer service is far preferable to the legendary Parisian hauteur. The breads at Silva's -- Harry's particular passion -- especially merit attention. They are an education in good breadmaking as well as exceptional value. I make sure to visit Silva's at least once a week, and I'm never disappointed.
-George C., Oakton, VA

from 3/26/2011
A hidden gem in Vienna. If you have a sweet tooth this cute family owned business is worth checking out. They have a variety of miniature desserts for about $2 each. You won't feel guilty about eating 2-3 of these sinfully delicious desserts. My personal favorite is the creme brulee which is rich and decadent. The service here can't be beat. The owners truly care about their customers they are friendly and so kind. The last time I visited was around closing time and they had run out of my favorite dessert and to my surprise they asked how many I needed and offered to prepare some new ones. Most places would just apologize and say they didn't have anymore until the next day. But not here, they definitely went above and beyond and made this one dessert crazed girl very happy!
-Debbie S., Fairfax, VA

from 11/19/2010
What a wonderful place! Everything is great - the service and friendliness cannot be beat! Fresh everything and even reasonable prices! Go here. You'll love it and will keep coming back and coming back.
-Lora T., Vienna, VA

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